Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Runway Inspired

Hello friends!

Yesterday, I cam across another wonderful paper crafting challenge blog called Runway Inspired Challenge. As soon as I saw their latest inspiration photo, I knew I had to participate!

!!See what I mean!!

Now I'm not saying that I'd ever attempt to wear a dress of this magnitude, but it's lovely to look at and draw inspiration from.

Here's my interpretation...

For starters, I looked at my card base as the model, instead of as the dress. Keeping that in mind, I did the following:
-Started with a cream (flesh tone) card base
-Printed the lace pattern onto vellum so that the card base could be seen through it
-Used light weight flowers in bright colors to simulate the dress design
-Used black bling to emulate the shine of her patent leather shoes
-Used a sentiment with the word "Fabulous" in it because I don't think I know another word that is used in every sentence in the fashion world!

Hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as I did making it!
Hope you stop by again...have a great FABULOUS day!


  1. Beautiful card! Love the simplicity of it.

  2. I love all of the white space on your card- it really makes the bright flowers and bold black accents pop! Thanks for playing along with the Runway Inspired Challenge!

  3. Way to pick up on the key elements of the inspiration dress. I really like that you picked up on the shine in the shoes. And I'm so glad you played along with the Runway Inspired Challenge.

  4. Great job on this card and interpreting the model. I love what you did.