Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stretch Your Stamps: Day 3

Hello blogger friends!

The response to my card from day to was overwhelming! I thank you all so much for your kind comments...

Now on to day 3(although I 'm posting it on day 4)

 Day 3 was all about using your alphabet stamps. I have to admit, I have at least 5 different alphabet stamp sets and they rarely get used. I'm just not that into them. With that being said...

Here's how I decided to use them:

You know how they say "You're your own worst critic"? Well let's just say these cards aren't my favorite...but we ALL have our creations that we'd rather not see the light of

Here's the other card I did:

Because of the more muted tones in the first card, I tried to make this one really bright and cheery...I'm thinking it might have been overkill.

In any event, I got them done. The silver lining around this cloud is that the lessons from day 3 did teach me something new...I just have to work on the techniques. 

Thanks for stopping by! Please comment and let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful day :o)


  1. Very cute ideas. Love the rainbow colors.

  2. I love your clever take on the "u" in both cards; love the rainbow on your second card :-)